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Gift Book for your Beloved Mother

Handcrafted. Absolutely exact replay is impossible. Production time 4-5 business days.

A5 ready-made book with color pages and words of gratitude to my mother from her daughter

A gift book with a wooden cover is the perfect way to tell your feelings to your loved one!

This is a book * with WARM WORDS inside, in which you can paste MEMORY PHOTOS (transparent corners for the photo in the set)

The cover is made of OAK, based on your personal wishes

You choose:
- cover design
- book size (a5 or a6)
- additional inscriptions (names, dates, phrases)
- the color of the substrate (visible swzz slotted cover)
- background pages
- text inside the book

Production time: Under the order (4-5 working days)
Size: 16 * 22cm
Weight: 550g
Material: Oak veneer, paper 350g / m
Warranty period: Not installed

As a result, you get an EXCLUSIVE gift for someone who is truly dear to you!

* Standardly in the book of 25 sheets (i.e. 25 photos fit) At your request, you can increase / decrease the number of sheets.